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        INTERVIEWER: Timur Dzambegovic 

        SARAJEVO, JUNE 8 (ONASA) - The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to BiH, Mahmoud Heidari, in an interview for the ONASA Agency, talks among other things about the Nuclear Agreement, the withdrawal of the US from the agreement, and the future of the agreement itself. 

        ONASA: The agreement on halting the nuclear program is very important for mutual trust between Iran and the world. How does Iran look at the US withdrawal of the Agreement? 

        HEIDARI: The nuclear agreement is one of the most important achievements of contemporary diplomacy on the world stage, unanimously confirmed by the UN Security Council Resolution 2231. Thus, the Nuclear Agreement is not a bilateral nor even a multilateral agreement between two or more states, but is an important international document incorporated in the UN Security Council Resolution and supported by it. The withdrawal of America from the Nuclear Agreement is primarily considered a violation of the Security Council Resolution. The nuclear agreement is a comprehensive and solid agreement that America could not stand and the illegal withdrawal of the US government from this agreement violates the principle of commitment to the obligation, discredits the rule of law and international law at the international level, and the goals and principles of the UN Charter and puts the functionality of the international institutions before a challenge. 
        This move of the United States will be recorded in history as one major wrongdoing. 

        ONASA: What is the extent of Iran's commitment to the Agreement and does Iran expect the other parties to fulfill their obligations under the Agreement? 

        HEIDARI: Regarding the nuclear issue, the UN Security Council Resolution and the decisions of the International Nuclear Energy Agency are the criterion of international norms. Both these institutions have confirmed and supported the Nuclear Agreement and Iran has fully complied with its obligations. Iran, as one of the parties to the Agreement, is proud of what it was and is committed to all its obligations, and the International Nuclear Energy Agency, as the most relevant expert body in this area, has consistently and fully confirmed this commitment in its 11 reports. Therefore, we expect the other parties to fulfill their obligations. Iran is committed to the Nuclear Agreement and does not accept any changes in it; it does not accept either the withdrawal of anything from the Agreement or the adding of anything to it. 

        ONASA: What kind of impact could have the actions of US President Donald Trump on the EU regarding the withdrawal from the Nuclear Agreement? 

        HEIDARI: The actions of US President Donald Trump in connection with the withdrawal from the Nuclear Agreement will primarily result in the isolation of America itself, because, as can be seen, the remaining parties in the Nuclear Agreement did not follow the US attitude and they insist on its preservation, even without the presence of America. Here the reputation of the European Union is more in question than the reputation of the other countries, because if they fail to preserve the Nuclear Agreement as an important international document, the credibility of the Union on the international scene will be violated. The countries of the Nuclear Agreement - France, Germany, the United Kingdom, China and Russia, and even countries that are not members of this agreement, have clearly expressed their views on the issue of US government's withdrawal from the said agreement, thus there is a worldwide consensus on the conviction of an unlawful withdrawal of America from the Nuclear Agreement. Britain, France and Germany, with the publication of their joint announcement after the withdrawal of America from the Nuclear Agreement, stressed that even without the presence of America, they will continue to implement this agreement, 
        Also, both Russia and China, expressing regret over this decision of the United States, have put emphasis on continuing their commitment to the Nuclear Agreement. 

        ONASA: High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini said in Brussels that the EU is still standing by the Agreement. Did you expect such an attitude from the EU? 

        HEIDARI: As I have already said, EU member states have agreed to remain in line with this agreement despite the withdrawal of the United States, and at the last EU session in Sofia, all 28 members have committed themselves to implementing the agreement as long as Iran is in compliance with its obligations. 
The leaders of Germany, Great Britain and France also stressed together the need to preserve the Nuclear Agreement. We expect the European Union, with its necessary measures and economic mechanisms, to be able to fulfill all obligations specified in the agreement. Our conclusion is that in Europe there is a serious will to continue the Nuclear Agreement without America, but it is necessary to make a practical move, in addition to that will, to make Iran satisfied. 
        Our negotiations with Europe, in this respect, will continue and we hope that in the shortest possible time we will be able to achieve the necessary result. 
        ONASA: Will Iran continue with the Nuclear Agreement even without America? And what is the future of the Agreement itself? 

        HEIDARI: With the withdrawal of America from the Nuclear Agreement, new circumstances have arisen and, given the view of the other countries of the world regarding the continuation of this agreement, as well as the will of the European side to continue it without the presence of America, some negotiations have begun. The Islamic Republic of Iran as a party dedicated to the nuclear deal, has, after the unilateral and illegal withdrawal of America in response to the request of the other parties to stay in the same, made it clear that the Agreement would remain in force if the other parties are able to provide and fully guarantee the explicit rights of Iran arising from the Agreement. 
        Now, if other members of the Nuclear Agreement can fully ensure the interests of Iran in the Agreement, especially economic, we will continue with the Nuclear Agreement even without America. However, if after the implementation of the existing solutions the rights and benefits are not ensured for the Iranian people, Iran has the right, just as it is stated in the Nuclear Agreement and Security Council Resolution 2231, to take proportional actions in response to a number of permanent illegal actions by America, in particular the withdrawal of this country from the Nuclear Agreement and the reintroduction of unilateral sanctions against Iran. 
        In this regard, Iran has a number of options at its disposal.     

        ONASA: Did America's withdrawal endanger confidence at the international level? 

        HEIDARI: Even before the Nuclear Agreement, America has withdrawn from some international conventions, which has repeatedly shown that it is turning its back on international norms. America's disloyalty to the agreement, which it has signed, is the criterion for measuring international confidence, and in such circumstances, interactions with a state that violates international conventions as easily as drinking water is very difficult. The experience of the Nuclear Agreement has shown, not only to Iran, but also to all the factors on the international scene, the results of negotiations with America. 
        Accordingly, the withdrawal from an international agreement and the demand for new negotiations mostly resemble a comedy. 
        Also, the United States has, by moving its embassy to Jerusalem, on one hand, demonstrated that it does not abide by any international decisions. The American president has shown that he does not abstain from breaking down the foundations and laws of the international order and that he is going to war against the truth by force. This proceeding, as a continuation of the unilateral withdrawal from some other important international agreements, demonstrated the extent to which the new US government considers worthy the world's legal order and peace and security in the world. (end)


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